Easy Ecommerce.
SWIM includes everything you need to set up your online store and sell online. No need to build anything, just brand it and launch. From there you can market your ecommerce website, manage and accept credit card orders.

Just Brand & Launch
No need to spend hours building a website SWIM powerful AI develops it for you. Just add your brand to it, along with your products, and manage, its really that simple.

Easy Ecommerce

Easy Ecommerce.
No need to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out a difficult website builder, or spending a fortune hiring someone to do it. Save time and money with our easy ecommerce website. Everything is ready for you to start now and you can do it for free.

Add Products or Services

Add any amount of products or services with ease.

Quantity Limit

Set how much you are selling.

Switch Currencies

Switch between USD and TTD currency easily and quick.

Easy Customization

Fully brand your ecommerce store.

Customer's Notes

Customers can add notes to their product to communicate with you upon order.

Custom Orders

Receive custom requests from customers that want something specific.

Instant Receipts

When an order is completed, the buyer receive a receipt and you receive a copy of the receipt.

Quick Order Search

Quickly search, verify or complete an order with our quick order search.

Instant Notifications

Get notified when a purchase is made and you can notify the buyer when the order is ready to get pick up, or when the order is completed.

Easy Payments

Integrate your website with the most common payment gateways, Paypal and Wipay.

Pay On Delivery

Prefer people to order first and then you deliver, easily integrate our pay on delivery option.

Pay Instore

Prefer people to order first and then pickup, easily integrate our pay instore option.